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Vintage Baseball Ball


The Harold O. Zimman Foundation Award, named for Harry Agganis' mentor and a longtime driving force behind the Agganis Foundation, is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Foundation. Past winners include:
1985    Dr. Elmo Benedetto
1986    Harold O. Zimman
1987    Bernard O. Bloom
1988    Stephen Stavru
1989    Robert A. Dwyer
1990    George Winkler
1991    Elliott Roundy
1992    Thomas P. Iarrobino
1993    Peter Gamage
1994    Charles Demakis
1995    Martin C. Goldman
1996    Thomas L. Demakes
1997    Carol A. Hevey
1998    Peter B. Sack
1999    Nicholas P. Kostan
2000    John L. Harrington
2001    Chuck Angelopulos
2002    Harold R. McDermott Jr.
2003    Thomas C. Demakis
2004    Peter C. Pedro Jr.
2005    James E. Hosker
2006    Dr. Charles Steinberg
2007    Dr. Daniel J. Dill
2008    Joseph F. Riley
2009    Richard P. Dalton
2010    John A. DeJesus
2011    Richard E. Holbrook
2012    Joanna Mills
2013    Jamie Marsh
2014    John Kasian
2015    Dr. Catherine C. Latham
2016    Thomas A. LeVangia
2017    Edward L. Cahill
2018    James Baldini
2019    Mike Shanahan

2021    Ted Grant

The Paul F. Cavanagh Community Award, named for a Lynn English and Boston College football star who went on to a distinguished career in the FBI, is presented to a person who conveys the Foundation's ideals of sportsmanship, education and community. Winners include:

1990    Joe DeVito
1991    Barry Gallup
1992    Peter Vaas
1993    Peter H. Gamage
1994    Walter J. Boverini
1995    Angelo P. Laskaris
1996    Stephen L. Smith
1997    Ann Marie Leonard
1998    Patrick J. McManus
1999    Gerald F. Waldron
2000    James L. Hughes
2001    Carol A.G. DiMento
2002    Rev. Msgr. Paul V. Garrity
2003    Nicholas A. Lopardo
2004    Robert F. Conlon
2005    Dr. Herbert W. Levine
2006    David J. Solimine
2007    Thomas P. Costin Jr.
2008    J. Brian McCarthy
2009    Jansi Chandler    
2010    Jeff Newhall
2011    Charles Gaeta
2012    Rep. Steven M. Walsh, Esq.
2013    Bob “Moona” Mullins
2014    Taso Nikolakopoulos
2015    Nick Meninno
2016    Richard Holbrook
2017    Sue Sussman
2018    Buzzy Barton
2019    John Meklis

2021    Dr. Nate Bryant

The David C. Weidner Media Award, named for a promising Daily Evening Item sportswriter who died at the age of 24, is presented to a person who provides ongoing, outstanding coverage and support of youth and amateur sports in general, and the Agganis Foundation in particular. Winners include:

1993    Bill Kipouras
1994    Mike Lynch
1995    Kyle Butler
1996    Paul Halloran
1997    Steve Krause
1998    Allan T. Kort
1999    Jay Polley
2000    Bill Newell
2001    Joyce Erekson
2002    John Hoffman
2003    Cary Shuman
2004    Hank Collins
2005    Bob Ryan
2006    Phil Stacey
2007    Dan Ventura
2008    Christopher L. Gasper
2009    Mike Grenier
2010    Rick Moore
2011    Bob Holmes
2012    Rich Fahey
2013    Matt Jenkins
2014    Tom Dalton
2015    Mike Muldoon
2016    Anne Marie Tobin
2017    Tim Kearns
2018    Matt Williams
2019    Phil Terenzoni

2021   Rose Raymond

The Dr. Elmo Benedetto Athletics Award, named for the late Lynn athletic director who, along with Zimman, was the backbone of the Agganis Foundation for many years, is presented to a person who best symbolizes Benedetto's dedication to student-athletes. Winners include:

1999    Ron Bennett
2000    Frank Carey
2001    Frank DeFelice
2002    Mike Ginolfi
2003    Gerard W. Moynihan
2004    Bart Conlon
2005    John Hoffman
2006    Jane Heil
2007    Jim Ridley
2008    Art McManus
2009    Ed Henry
2010    Julie Halloran
2011    Bill Pettingell
2012    Phil Sheridan
2013    Pat Yanchus
2014    Jim O’Leary
2015    Bob Guidi
2016    Gary Molea
2017    Matt Durgin
2018    Peter C. Pedro
2019    Mark Leonard

2021    Jeff Newhall

The Attorney Charles Demakis Heritage Award is presented to a person of Greek heritage who advances the Agganis Foundation's ideals of academics and ethics. Winners include:

2005    George Mazareas
2006     Nick Zervas
2007    Gov. Michael S. Dukakis
2008    George J. Marcopoulos
2009    Michael Antonakes
2010    William Mantzoukas
2011    George V. Markos
2012    George J. Markos
2013    Bill Galatis
2014    Dr. Irene C. Duros
2015    Cynthia Christ
2016    Father George Tsoukalas 
2017    Chris Tsiotos
2018    Steven L. Antonakes
2019    Nick Sarantopoulos

2021    John Tanionos

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